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Kanika Hotels & Resorts remain faithful to our number one priority, which is the well-being, health and safety of guests and employees. With that in mind, new operating procedures and guidelines have been set up, including a responsible plan regarding the exposure and prevention of the COVID-19 spread. These are implemented across all Kanika Hotels & Resorts, to make guests feel safe while staying or visiting the hotels.


June / 1st / 2022


What restrictions are in place in Cyprus right now?

  • The mandatory use of a protective mask in indoor and closed spaces is suspended, excluding high-risk areas such as hospitals, senior people’s homes, closed structures of vulnerable groups, health care facilities (outpatient clinics, medical centres, rehabilitation centres) and public transport.
  • Suspension of the obligation to present a Safe Pass in all areas (Visits to Senior People’s homes, closed structures, outpatient clinics, medical and diagnostic centres, clinics, rehabilitation centres and accommodation centres are excluded).
  • There are currently no restrictions on movement and travellers can enjoy all kinds of services and facilities across the destination, without the need to present any health certificates.

*In any case, travellers should always consult the Visit Cyprus website for the latest information on this matter, as procedures may change at short notice.

What is a Safe-pass in Cyprus?

A Safe-Pass which verifies that one has been vaccinated or has a negative COVID-19 PCR Test result within the last 72hours, or a COVID-19 Antigen rapid test within the last 48hours, or a COVID-19 recovery certificate (valid 7 days after testing positive and for the period of 3 months).

*Note that for Safe Pass purposes, the vaccination certificate is considered expired, when a period of 7 months has elapsed from the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or the first dose of a single dose vaccine. Also, for Safe Pass purposes, the recovery certificate is considered expired when a period of 3 months has elapsed from testing positive. After these periods, a test is required for movements within the destination

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotel?

No, the mandatory use of a protective mask in indoor and outdoor areas is suspended.

What happens if I test positive while on holiday?

a. The Cyprus government is committed to taking care of all travelers who test positive for coronavirus during their stay. The government will transfer these persons to designated, covering the cost of lodging, food, drink, and medication; the traveler will only need to bear the cost of their airport transfer and repatriation flight, in collaboration with their agent and/or airline.

b. A COVID-19 hospital with a surplus of available beds and intensive care units equipped with respirators, has been made available exclusively for travelers who test positive for coronavirus.

c. A person who tests positive for coronavirus, may alternatively choose to self-isolate in a private home / apartment rental, at their own expense, provided that their room is not shared with others and that they do not make use of public facilities.

Are day passes available?

We offer day passes at the hotels, based on availability. Please contact the hotel directly to learn more.