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Surrender in delightful romantic temptations with every signature
sip and simply fall, once more, deeply in love.

A Journey of the Senses


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An Amanti Rendezvous
by the Bar

The hotel’s innovative bars concept developed by expert mixologists transforms the drinks menu into a wonderful holiday experience. Whether you prefer premium beers, signature cocktails or speciality drinks, you will always find the beverage that hits the spot. Depending on the time of the day, choose the bar that resonates with your temperament, and let the moment decide if it’s time for a steaming latte or a chilled champagne.

Signature Bars for Every Occasion

Arouse your 5 senses with sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and aromas of heaven
in our Signature Bars and let love be the sixth sense.

  • Selene Cocktail Bar

    Inspired by the goddess of the moon, Selene, in ancient Greek mythology, this sophisticated cocktail bar with its grand ceilings, modern decor and a breezy garden terrace is open day and night.  The Selene signature bar menu features a unique collection of innovative cocktails conceived by Kanika Hotels’ award-wining mixologists.


    Featuring top grade ingredients with flavours from around the world, adding up to exceptional presentation and taste our signature cocktails will carry you to the moon and back!
    The elegant lounge seating area, the unique and innovative cocktails, the beautiful greenery surrounding the bar and the sounds of live melodies by our professional musicians create an ultra-relaxing and memorable atmosphere.

    Operating Hours

    18:00 – 01:00

    dress code

    Smart casual

    Who & When

    For all guests to enjoy every evening


    Not required


    Waiter service

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  • Located in the beautifully designed hotel lounge and the cosy garden courtyard with elegant stone and water features, the sun-filled Lounge brings that wonderful outdoor feeling indoors. Any time of the day you’ll find it easy to sink into a plush armchair and let your mood choose the speciality coffee, tea or signature cocktail that fits the moment.


    Coffee lovers can see their order being brewed, while a cup of tea allows you to explore special infusions from around the world, which have all contributed to a refined tea culture from East to West.
    Watch our bar team prepare your drink and accompany it perhaps with a slice of cake or a freshly baked savoury snack.

    Operating Hours

    09:00 – 24:00 (Last order at 23:30pm)

    dress code

    Smart casual

    Who & When

    For all guests to enjoy every day


    Not required


    Waiter service

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Signature Cocktails

Glide into the mystery of the Orient with Yoritomo, strengthen the unseen bond with your partner with a Sixth Sense, or eclipse the senses and create perfect harmony with Blood Moon. Whichever
cocktail you choose we will keep you captivated in an everlasting moment of bliss
as you slip into the perfect evening of taste together at the Selene Bar.


The mystery of the Orient in a glass, the Yoritomo cocktail is named after the founder of the first shogunate of Japan. A nobleman of royal lineage, this eminent shõgun was the creator of Bushido, the ‘way of warriors’, carrying his katana with pride and epitomising a code which calls for honour and chivalry in all aspects of one’s life.

The Sixth Sense

Celebrate your sixth sense with a cocktail that strengthens the unseen bond between you and your partner: a bond which can’t be seen, heard or felt, but is nevertheless a connection which will echo through time. Share this signature cocktail and feel your twin flames burn bright across the countless dimensions and the worlds of the spirit.

Blood Moon

One of the rarest and most heavenly phenomena, the blood moon is synonymous with a total lunar eclipse. As the earth’s shadow crosses the darkening sky, the full moon shades from bright white through to deep red, and it is said to be the time where old feuds must finally be laid to rest. Allow this signature MadeForTwo cocktail to eclipse the senses and create perfect harmony.

Bath of Aphrodite

Aphrodite, Cyprus’ own deity has long been worshipped as the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. But she’s also associated with the element of water. Even her name pays homage to the sea. As the sun sets over the waves, enjoy the delectable foaminess of the Bath of Aphrodite cocktail in honour of this gorgeous deity.

Electric Daisy

Electricity is all in its ingredients! Calling for a daring palate, the Electric Daisy is another name for the Acmella oleracea plant: a flowering herb native to South America which, on warm summer nights, attracts dancing fireflies. With grassy taste, this ingredient gives an exquisite tingling sensation… Let the Electric Daisy cocktail spark your senses and light your night!

The Elixir of Selene

Across cultures, it’s said there is a rabbit in the moon. If you look carefully on a night with a clear sky and a shining moon, you might agree. East Asian folklore suggests the rabbit holds a pestle and creates the alchemical elixir of life granting eternal youth and immortality. Allow The Elixir of Selene to mesmerise your senses, just as the myths of the moon have entranced for time out of mind.

Eyes of Medusa

The infamous gorgon of Greek legend, Medusa is best known for her snake-like hair and petrifying gaze. For centuries, warriors used shields adorned with her image, believing the monster would defend them from harm. Tonight, let the Eyes of Medusa protect your right to enjoy peace: watch your drink change colour along with the sky as the sun sets on another perfect day.

Love Bird

Native to Africa and prized for their colourful plumage, love birds are aptly named: social and affectionate, they mate for life, creating a monogamous bond with their partner. Beautiful and intelligent, they are often cited as inspiration for the link between St Valentine’s Day and romance! As you celebrate your love and sip your Love Bird cocktail, sit close and revel in each other’s company.

Man with a Pipe

Spanish painter Picasso was a lover of all things beautiful – including women, often featured in his paintings. His 1915 oeuvre entitled ‘Man With A Pipe’, however, is notable for its quiet humour and gentle composure: a gentleman enjoying the pleasures of a peaceful smoke amidst the trappings of a wild world. Indulge in the quiet pleasure of this artistic signature cocktail.

Coyote and Road Runner

Delightful as the bird for which it’s named: the Road Runner of animated fame whose spirited ingenuity and imaginative inventiveness consistently outwitted even the wiliest of coyotes! Playful and light, this cocktail may not turn you into the fastest thing on two legs, but it’s certain to add an element of quick wit to your conversation!

Premium Wines

Cyprus was the first European country to vinify grapes into wine. Our sommelier and team of experienced chefs, well-versed in the science of matching the correct wines to the dominant qualities of individual dishes, have spent many hours pairing their culinary creations with the best bottles that Cyprus has to offer alongside wines from around the world.

Local Beer

As far as beer is concerned, KEO is renowned world over as ‘the taste of Cyprus’. Brewed from the finest malt and the choicest hops, traditionally matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurized, gold in colour and unique in taste, KEO is a locally produced lager, that became Cyprus’ favourite local beer.

Responsible Drinking Policy

Our top priority is to ensure that all our guests have a great time. To ensure that, the hotel operates a responsible drinking policy.

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