Diving in Paphos

Below the surface of the sapphire blue waters surrounding Paphos, a tantalising array of rocks, caves, caverns and volcanic structures form a spectacular underwater world hiding a host of exciting discoveries. With their warm temperatures, fascinating wrecks and endless diversity of sea life, these waters will make diving in Paphos an unforgettable experience.

Cyprus is believed to have risen from the seabed as a result of three tectonic plates meeting, colliding and abrading, creating sediment and pushing the earth’s crust upwards. Geologists have long been fascinated by Cyprus, and divers indeed have no shortage of seabed geology to explore around Paphos. This location is particularly popular for its rocky seabed where the crystal clear visibility can reach up to 35 or 40 metres. Add to that its warm temperatures which reach 30˚C in summer and little wave action, and it is not surprising that Paphos is now a top attraction among divers in the Mediterranean. The area offers you unobstructed opportunities to discover tropical marine life in highly comfortable conditions, with innumerable species of colourful fish and other fascinating creatures thriving there.

Depending on where you choose to dive, your experience at Paphos can include shallow reefs, drift dives and canyons, or a series of some of the most amazing wrecks you can find anywhere in Cyprus. This is because the country has been a trade hub for millennia, resulting in amphorae and other ancient artifacts all over the seabed. Such items are now protected by law and may not be removed – only enjoyed and photographed. You are encouraged to exercise caution on deep dives because of the sudden dips in water temperature, a phenomenon caused by differing water densities. The temperature can drop as low as 16˚C depending on the depth and the season. This means that, while a ‘shorty’ is sufficient for dives of up to 20m in summer, a 5mm wetsuit is required in winter, with a hood recommended on very cold days to prevent heat loss.

The waters of Paphos are so diverse that one moment you can find yourself on a coral garden atop a reef and the next by a wall plunging hundreds of metres into the ocean depths. From its intricate caves and complex reefs to its age-old wrecks and protected sites, this stretch of the Mediterranean Sea boasts an abundance of sea life that sets the stage for a magical diving adventure.

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