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Inspiring ArchitectureImmersed in tranquility

Nature’s most precious elements have inspired the innovative design of our MadeFor Two hotels: light, air, water and landscape all combine to provide a unique ambiance and sense of unrestricted freedom, using simple yet artistic lines with striking designer details infused with local inspiration to complete the picture. Every inch of our meticulously designed hotels offer relaxation, privacy and tranquility, with ultimate togetherness in mind.

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  • Light in abundance…

    The beautiful southern sun extending its rays to almost every area of the hotel, the full glass windows and open spaces, the positioning of the Ancient Greek inspired columns and the direction of the overall building, allow for plenty of light to flood the indoors, offering a bright and energetic environment during the day and the most amazing sunset scenes come  evening.

  • Air that moves freely…

    Air flows freely throughout our high-ceiling spacious venues and stylish accommodation, ample outdoor areas, rooftop and garden restaurants and large verandas. Combined with our high-end interior design approach, we ensure that you will enjoy a sense of absolute freedom.

  • Water as the dominant element…

    Providing a sense of union with the Mediterranean Sea, water is the dominant element of our MadeForTwo hotels. From charming little ponds dotted around the hotels to luxurious infinity pools and quiet secluded indoor pools, in combination with stunning sea views, water everywhere provides for total relaxation.

  • Landscaping incorporating all…

    Air, light and water are incorporated into tropical, lush, landscaped gardens surrounding the pools and restaurants, adding the final touch to the inspiring architecture.  A mixture of Mediterranean and tropical plantation – from our signature olive tree and high palm trees, to large, grassed areas and green walls – provides an oasis of greenery beside our water features; a true haven for couples waiting to be explored .

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