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Handy tips for travelling with three generations

How to ensure a fun & stress-free family holiday

Opportunities to savour unhurried moments with the entire family are rare in a world that often feels like a whirlwind of activity. Hardly surprisingly, multigenerational travel holds a special allure, offering everyone the chance to connect and bond in an adventure that inspires and rejuvenates all ages. Grandparents can enjoy a rejuvenating family holiday with the grandchildren, parents can make the most of some much-needed help with the little ones, and the kids are bound to have a blast surrounded by so much love and attention.  From splashing fun on the beach to exploring local attractions, every moment is a chance to make cherished memories for your family photo album. But if you plan on travelling with three generations, there are certain handy tips for multigenerational travel that you need to consider to guarantee a stress-free, fun, and enjoyable experience for everyone. Dive in! 

Select a destination with all-round appeal

Not all destinations are ideal for multigenerational family vacations. Bustling cities are hard to handle with kids and grandparents in tow, while extremely remote destinations surrounded by wilderness with very few amenities are equally challenging.

Instead, opt for a convenient family-friendly holiday destination that boasts an all-round appeal, offering a variety of activities and attractions suitable for all age groups. This might include destinations with cultural significance, natural beauty (you can’t go wrong with a beach at your doorstep), or family-friendly attractions. And good weather coupled with warm hospitality is always and added bonus!

Seek out a family-friendly accommodation

You need to feel comfortable and confident that you have everything you need at your fingertips when you arrive at your family holiday destination. Avoid small rooms or features that are just designed to look good. Instead, opt for resorts with family-friendly rooms and suites that inspire a sense of peace and calm, providing ample space and tailored modern amenities for a truly relaxing stay.

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Look into activities for all ages

For fun-filled multigenerational family holidays, search for activities within your hotel grounds that appeal to different age groups. Events that encourage interaction and bonding among different generations are ideal. These include family dinners, game nights, entertainment shows, recreational activities by the pool, and other outdoor adventures. All-inclusive family resorts particularly suit multigenerational holidays, ensuring every family member finds something enjoyable to do while eliminating the need for constant planning and budgeting.

Booking your stay at a resort with a reputable kids club is also advisable. This ensures peace of mind and gives parents and grandparents the chance to unwind and relax by the beach or pool while the little ones have a blast in a supervised environment.

Prioritize safety & accessibility

You certainly don’t need any unnecessary hassle when embarking on your multigenerational family holiday. Be sure to consider accessibility requirements for all travellers and ensure your hotel is within easy reach from an international airport. Transport to and from the hotel or resort should also be easy to arrange. 

Safety is also crucial when travelling with elderly or young family members, so book your holiday with a reputable company you know you can trust. Check online reviews for credibility and trustworthiness.

Maintain open communication & flexibility

Kids, parents, and grandparents all have very different energy levels and requirements. Being flexible with the itinerary and allowing for downtime or adjustments based on the preferences and needs of different generations is key to ensuring a stress-free experience.

Maintaining open communication throughout the planning process and the duration of the holiday is also essential for a successful multigenerational family vacation. Discussing expectations and any concerns beforehand helps address potential issues and ensures meeting everyone’s needs.

Pack sensibly with everyone in mind

Before even opening your suitcases, create a comprehensive packing list for each family member to ensure nothing essential is forgotten. Encourage everyone to pack light to avoid unnecessary baggage fees at the airport. And focus on versatile clothing that can be layered depending on weather conditions.

Sharing essentials will also save lots of space, so rather than packing duplicates of items like sunscreen and toiletries, share them among family members to save space and weight.

Retreat into a family-friendly paradise

At the five-star, all-inclusive Olympic Lagoon Resorts on Cyprus’ sunkissed shores of Ayia Napa and Paphos, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences that bring all generations together. Regularly awarded and honoured among the best family hotels in Cyprus, all generations will have a blast in a stunning environment tailored to every need. 

Spacious family rooms provide utmost comfort and ease, themed swimming pools in lush, landscaped gardens guarantee a good time, a gripping entertainment program at the state-of-the-art Xperience Arena delights all ages, and countless organized activities throughout the resort ensure carefree family bonding.

What’s more, family-friendly restaurants, tailored menus, and dedicated family areas make mealtime a breeze, and professionally supervised kids clubs give parents and grandparents a well-deserved break. Grandparents can even begin and end the day in the dedicated adults-only wing for a good night’s rest in blissfully quiet surroundings. 

Join us for a sunkissed Cyprus family getaway carefully crafted by the leading Kanika Hotels & Resorts where new adventures await, and laughter fills the air. Book your multigenerational family holiday at Olympic Lagoon Resorts today!

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